Accomplishments & Accolades

Reclaim 2019 (Detail)
65 X 51 X 6in
Pigmented wax, acrylic, fabrics, wood, wire

As I was scrolling the Book Of Faces the other night I was struck by all of the end of the year posts that came up.

It seems many times when you check out the socialz there are posts where someone will mention how excited they are about all of the things that happened in this past year and what’s to come for the new one and then there’s usually a long thread of comments below saying “congratulations” or “good job!” etc.

And if you’re one of the entrepreneurs who had a not so good year, this can sometimes make you feel like you haven’t done enough or that everyone else is “killing it” while you tread water but here’s the thing:

Accomplishments have a WIDE range. 

If you see someone post that they just sold their company that doesn’t mean that you making your first sale isn’t important.

It’s still an accomplishment.

The problem comes when we try to measure our success with someone else’s ruler. If you set goals for yourself and you made them happen, no matter how “small” then you should be proud and celebrate that. And don’t let anyone else’s #blessed post let you believe that you are not blessed.

On to Accolades.

Accolades also have a WIDE Range. 

You can aspire to be a “best seller” or make someone’s 30 under 30 lists, but those lists rotate every year and they are not the end all be all.

Sometimes you’ll post about your biggest win and only one person will comment or like it, that doesn’t make the accomplishment any less.

Often you’re at the mercy of an algorithm,

The human brain has to be able to categorize to survive. If we can’t tell the difference between poison and water we’re dead.

As a result, we seek the things that rank us because it appeals to a primitive part of us.

But don’t let it consume you.

Watching other people achieve the things we hope for only distracts us from doing the things we need to do to actually HAVE the things that we hope for. 

So celebrate your accomplishments no matter the size and don’t worry about the accolades.

You are doing good work.

Just keep it up.


Artwork © Chellis Baird

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