Approaching the New Year with Love

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The New Year comes like a new baby: unavoidable, headlong, and full of promise.

We can worry that the amount of promise the new year brings is entirely up to us (and that is certainly one way to look at it), but as with a new baby, the new year will most likely thrive and bring us all the joy and fullness we could hope for, if only we approach it with one thing.

As my Uncle Claudio says when I start arguing as to why I am afraid to have children, “It is just love, Christina. Very simple.”

Easy words to say, but what’s that look like in the real world? What’s it look like for those of us who don’t have dreamcatchers hanging over our beds and goddess tapestries as curtains?

What does that mean to approach a year with love? This is the lesson I am learning, dear reader, and the one I will be writing about this year.

Love, acceptance, presence, connection, and living with eyes wide open.

Open to who we truly are and to who those around us truly are.

Dropping labels, dropping identity, and dropping expectations.

To borrow from a well-known prayer, “accepting the things we cannot change, and changing the things we can.” I might even pontificate about god… and I hope to do it without pissing anyone off.

I’m not here to give answers; I don’t have any. I’m not here to tell you the right direction; I’m as lost as everyone else. I’m here to ask some questions and explore the many answers that the wise members of our human race have come up with throughout the ages.

So as the new year comes sliding into existence, my way of loving it, is through accepting it as it is, with all it brings. I will do my best and control the one thing I can: myself and my thoughts, and try to drop my expectations of life and people around me.

Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”

― Eckhart Tolle 

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