April 2016: Money

Memories by Shadi Yousefian

Nothing triggers us quite like money.

In my Game Plan goal workshops, I encourage people to set goals around money as a matter of practicality as well as personal development. Good goals are measurable and specific, so the mathematic precision of money goals makes them much easier to measure and quantify.

On the flipside, money always carries an emotional aspect. Money goals force us into a reality check, not just on our balances but on our habits, attitudes, and the real definition of needs versus wants.

Too often, we transpose the value of our bank accounts to our own value. Ever told yourself any of these lies?

I should make more money.
I should have more money by now.
I should be saving more.
I shouldn’t spend on myself.
I’ll never have enough money.
I’m not valued.

And on it goes. When does money become a goal instead of a tool, an end rather than the means? And when do we finally acknowledge that we have enough, shifting from desire to gratitude?

This month, our Pregame players break down money wisdom, both personal and practical. Let it inspire you, trigger you, make you dive deeper into defining your own financial success.

Special thanks to this month’s featured artist, Shadi Yousefian, whose mosaic-like works evoke the intricacies of piecing together your own big picture.

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