April 2017: Conscious Wealth

Marcus Cadman, Modern Native States

I have issues with money.

That’s not a dramatic confession, because we all have money issues. From our family of origin to our our capitalist culture, we’ve been set up to have a panicked yet dependent relationship with money, from student debt to credit cards to mortgage rates.

Defining one’s true wealth, however, is much more than that.

Wealth is less an account balance, and more an attitude. It’s what we focus on and celebrate. It’s what we choose to grow, with whom we share it, and our integrity in the process.

In my Game Plan workshops and Goal Brunches, I encourage everyone to set a money goal. Money goals have it all when it comes to best goal practices and a personal growth experience: numbers, discipline, deadlines, and always, emotional baggage.

Define what wealth means to you, and how you can embrace a sense of satisfaction rather than striving. Money, yes, but also relationships, experiences, personal qualities, and the unexpected gifts that appear every day.

Strategy & Style,


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