April 2019: Money Realness

Truong Tran, Bang Bang


Chances are, you have a visceral reaction to that word. There’s the word itself, and then the object… but the meaning it has in our lives can range from insignificant to (more often) make or break.

In money, as in every area of aspiration, we benefit from keeping it real.

In this month’s issue, our contributors strip away any pretense around money to share their true experience grappling with the meaning of money in their own lives and work.

How does our family history play into our relationship with money?

Can our relationship with money change?

How important is money to living a purposeful life?

Of course, our views and emotions on money change throughout life and can be dependent on a myriad of factors. This month, we invite you to reflect on your current views on money and how it affects your life as a whole.

Is it time to improve your money mojo?

Strategy and Style,

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