August 2016: Overcoming Obstacles

Sunia Gibbs Art - Ideas Have Motion

A pivotal factor that makes Pregame different is our transparency.

Where other success-oriented content can be simplistic and conveniently gloss over the hard work required, the Game Plan approach actively acknowledges obstacles so that we can proactively overcome them.

Accordingly, this month’s theme is Obstacles: what gets in our way and how we deal with it.

August marks a very special milestone for Pregame: we launch our first Clubhouse this month in Portland, Oregon!

Our Pregame Clubhouse is a space where our philosophy of creating our own success comes to life through high-level workshops, community, and collaboration. It’s like a gym for your goals, giving you the tools and support you need to work out your ideas and create an action plan for success.

Pregame is also a significant milestone for me personally. For my career, certainly, but even more, for my journey of personal growth.

You see, I’d had this idea for years: a street-level space where people can walk in and get expert guidance for their work – whether it’s a business, a career, or a creative project, along with widely-accessible content with practical advice to help people reach their goals. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with so many visionary people whose main obstacle was simply understanding exactly what to do next and how to do it. That’s where I came in, and eventually, the content I created, from Game Plan to The Audience: the strategy for the what, who, why, and how.

But I let my obstacles get the best of me. Some valid, others ridiculous. I won’t go into detail, and I’m still working through most of them: fear of failure, fear of success, impostor syndrome, wrong city, wrong timing, wrong community, thinking too small, creating a vision without a plan, should-ing myself, unworthiness, hesitation, procrastination, anxiety, and trying to do everything myself without support.

Any of those sound familiar?

Finally, through a divine set of circumstances, I was able to overcome these obstacles — some life-long — and focus on newer tools, perspectives, and beliefs. It wasn’t an overnight transition and it takes daily practice, but it has been absolutely worth it.

I’m honored to feature Sunia Gibbs as this month’s Pregame artist. Her work holds a special significance to me, as I acquired one of her beautiful paintings last year as a reward for reaching a major goal. We became friends, and I’m continually impressed with not only her enormous talent, but with her enormous heart.

Sunia’s work is on display at the Clubhouse for our launch months — what a delight to work surrounded by beauty every day! Be sure to swing by and see it for yourself.

And who knows? The next Clubhouse might even be closer than you (or I) expect.

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