August 2018: Navigating Transitions

Travis Somerville

You know those people who lose or quit their job and use the time off to find themselves and travel and play the guitar and have a summer fling and work out and read novels?

Yeah. I am SO not one of those people.

I hate being in the proverbial hallway. Give me a map, a door, an obstacle course, a game plan. I’ll knock that out of the park.

But when it comes to being patient and present before the plan has made itself known, I’d rather eat glass. Even though I wrote the book on transition, each new period of growth brings new challenges, and it’s not until I get the clarity of hindsight that I see how everything was working out all along, despite my inability to perceive it at the time.

Being graceful in transition is a mark of maturity, or at least, a very stable upbringing. For the rest of us who aren’t so prone to serenity, how can we better navigate life’s inevitable seasons of change?

This month, we explore the practices and mindsets we’ve discovered that help us stay centered in the midst of change.

Featured artist Travis Somerville shares his provocative work on the long, fraught American transition of race relations, oppression, and freedom.

From life transitions to business decisions to societal norms, take time this month to reflect on your own relationship to change.

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