Ayla Lewis

Train Your Brain: Visualization

Train Your Brain

How can you soothe stress, boost optimism, and make progress towards your goals so that you are truly thriving at work? Try using a visualization strategy.  Studies show that visualizations and mental imagery impact attention, planning, and memory. They “train” the brain, helping to boost motivation, increase confidence and improve performance. Our brains cannot tell the difference between a sensory-rich visualization and something actually occurring.  In other words, when you visualize an action you stimulate the same areas in the brain as if you were actually performing that action. How can you utilize this brain-training tool to thrive at work? […]

Boost Your Brain by Taking a Real Break

Train Your Brain

When a deadline is approaching or you’ve got a ton of work to do, do you take a break to help you move toward your goal? For most of us, the answer to this questions is… NO. But that’s not what science is supporting. Research is suggesting that breaks–whether a short walk away from your computer or a full vacation–actually increase productivity, creativity and attention. It’s exciting to see studies like these that shake up our beliefs and teach us about what makes a great workplace – and it is our mission is to help you put these new science-based insights […]