Christina Noel Mitchell

Christina Mitchell is a former biologist and horse trainer, now a massage therapist who also runs a play cafe in Portland, Oregon with her twin sister. She's digs travel, adventure, science, space, music, movies, books, ideas, and the human condition.

Calculated Irresponsibility


“An ounce of gold will not buy an inch of time” – Chinese Proverb “If I could turn back time…then maybe maybe maybe…” – Cher I’m standing over the wash sink at my twin’s and my cafe, speeding through a mountain of dirty coffee mugs and breakfast dishes because we are running out and there is a steady stream of people waiting to order more food and coffee, when my cousin, Liz, […]

…Is Good for the Art


Nobody seems to know who said it, but some wise rhyming person once said, “What is bad for the heart is good for the art.” Is anything more true? I write songs. I didn’t start writing them until I was thirty years old when I finally figured out, after eight years of dinking around on the instrument, how to play the piano without having to read notes (which I did […]

It’s All Life

Shanti Grumbine, Asemic Tablets (detail), 2016, ink solvent transfers on Hydrocal, 3 x 3 feet

If you Google “work relationships,” you will find, among a very long list of articles on the subject, a surprising number of seminars and workshops which, for a cool $200, promise to teach you in one day how to not only maximize your effectiveness in the workplace, but how to get along with almost any personality type found in your office. I call bullshit, but I’m going to try to […]

Travelers in Love; Not Tourists.

me tat

It has been many years since I traveled to places unknown, but as the details of what I have seen and done in my many journeys begin to fade, it is the feelings I have experienced in those places which remain clear in my memory. As the Danish writer, Peter Hoeg says, “traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” I don’t remember the name of the castle I was looking […]

The Muppet Factor


“What really matters is what you like, not what you are like. Books, records, films – these things matter. Call me shallow, but it’s the fucking truth.” -Rob Gordon in High Fidelity It’s advice I often give to my friends when they are considering the pros and cons of a partner or potential partner while stumbling through the minefield that is dating. It becomes especially true when viewed as encompassing […]

A Bid For Connection


Are any of us really good at relationships? I think it is easier for some people to find a partner and even to be in a relationship, but “easier” is terribly relative. Even the best is still fumbling in the dark when it comes to navigating the needs and desires and reciprocal fumblings of another person. Three out of ten achieve happy longevity with their partner… that’s how much we […]

Where’s the Love?

love rocks

Two words: Love and Community. Where do the two meet? It strikes me that without love, there is no community, in the most fundamental sense. Love (of the romantic variety) gives way to partnership and children and growing families to extended families to villages to towns to commerce to cities to countries and so forth. Then there are all the little communities within a community: the churches, the retirement homes, the neighborhood […]

Snapshots of Self-Assurance: Learning to Love Intuitively

christina mitchell wanderlust

When we are at ease with someone, we know it without question. It isn’t usually a thing we learn or find out about a partner: it’s something that we know almost as soon as we meet the person. The really great part is that they tend to be feeling it as well, and if we enjoy healthy relationships, we stay together and make it work even when things get tough […]