Greg Pressler

The Immutable Truths of Aging

wisdom of aging

I’m still learning. After nearly 50 revolutions of the sun, 30 of which have been spent squeezing as much fitness and adventure out of my body as possible, I’m still learning and relearning lessons that can make me a better athlete and human. Many of the lessons I’ve been taught have come through mistakes. Bad choices, letting my ego get in the way, and stubbornness have all played their role […]

The Church of Sport

greg pressler desert run

Someone I trust offered me some sage advice years ago. “Never talk about politics, money, or religion with people who you haven’t seen naked.” Although I didn’t know it then, his words to the unwise have kept me out of trouble on more than one occasion. Along the road of life, I’ve taken a more dim view on the taboos we’ve placed on the discussion of certain topics. As long […]

Go Bigger: Using Failure to Drive Your Success

Greg Pressler

When New Year’s resolution chit chat gives way to the topic of goal setting (a.k.a. plans, schemes, or ideas, if you will), there’s a question I like to pose: If your next goal were so outrageous that the possibility of failure was incredibly high, would you still pursue it, or would the likelihood of failure be sufficient enough to deter you from the possibility of succeeding? Like other goals in […]