Kristen Amato

Kristen Amato is an event producer living in New York.

Be Prepared to Wing It

Melissa Murray, in a few short hours I would be five miles above it, in the cold steely blue of enemy skies, 2017

Conventional wisdom says there are two kinds of people in life – the planners and the spontaneous. Planners are seen as hyper-organized and always in control. Spontaneous people are viewed as forgetful and lacking discipline. And yet, I know some people with immaculate homes who are always running late. I know some people who never forget to send a birthday card but aren’t the least bit concerned about making their bed in the morning.  Like gender and race and morality, not all of us fit squarely into just one category when it comes to structure in our lives. Making plans […]

The Trouble with Shoulds

kristen amato

A few years ago, I realized a long-time dream and moved to Europe. The place I went was Barcelona, chosen on a whim after a friend and I took a short trip one spring. I didn’t speak any Spanish or Catalan and knew only one person in the entire country of Spain. The city’s Medieval architecture, crooked streets built into the hills and good-looking men were what sealed my decision. Barcelona has that effect on people, I later learned. Home from that trip with my decision made, I spent about nine months saving money, planning what I would do for […]