Kristen Amato

Kristen Amato is an event producer living in New York.

Be Prepared to Wing It

Melissa Murray, in a few short hours I would be five miles above it, in the cold steely blue of enemy skies, 2017

Conventional wisdom says there are two kinds of people in life – the planners and the spontaneous. Planners are seen as hyper-organized and always in control. Spontaneous people are viewed as forgetful and lacking discipline. And yet, I know some people with immaculate homes who are always running late. I know some people who never forget to send a birthday card but aren’t the least bit concerned about making their […]

The Trouble with Shoulds

kristen amato

A few years ago, I realized a long-time dream and moved to Europe. The place I went was Barcelona, chosen on a whim after a friend and I took a short trip one spring. I didn’t speak any Spanish or Catalan and knew only one person in the entire country of Spain. The city’s Medieval architecture, crooked streets built into the hills and good-looking men were what sealed my decision. […]