Kronda Adair

How to Beat the Competition (It’s Not Who You Think)

Kronda Adair, Oz

I don’t think a lot about competition but I know it’s a big concern for some people. It’s always a sure sign of a young entrepreneur when they ask me to sign an N.D.A. (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before we’ve even laid eyes on each other. They’re worried someone will steal their idea, or get to it first. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you mostly […]

$40 Million for a Crappy WordPress Theme?!

Hush Harbor (detail), From the series Suspended Beliefs, 2013, Ink, collage and manual typewriter on paper 19.75 x 8.5 inches

Yup, this really happened. A South African government agency paid R40 Million to an agency, who basically setup a $40 WordPress theme. That’s roughly $3 Million U.S. dollars. For. A. Shitty. WordPress. Theme. You’re probably wondering how this could happen. Shortcut: Make sure this doesn’t happen to you Maybe you’re thinking, Well it’s the government. Everyone knows the government will pay $500 for a $5 wrench. All governments waste money. […]