Sandra Vischer

One Big Dysfunctional Family

The NYC Blocks Series

We, as Americans, are one hell of a screwed-up family but, even so, we’re still a family. Never has our dysfunction been on display more than in 2016. As a post-WWII baby who witnessed the aftermath of what we can do when we all come together, and as a coed whose university closed because of national unrest during the Vietnam war—just a couple of events during my lifetime that prove […]

The Highway of Life: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Lane

Danielle Mourning

Sandra Vischer is the author of the novel Unliving the Dream, about the challenges and triumphs of midlife. — As young people, we have all kinds of dreams and visions for our futures. We want to summit Mount Rainier, paraglide off of a cliff in the Austrian Alps, rumble a Harley down Route 66, or save whales in the Southern Ocean. We dream big! And we naïvely think we will […]