Sandra Vischer

One Big Dysfunctional Family

The NYC Blocks Series

We, as Americans, are one hell of a screwed-up family but, even so, we’re still a family. Never has our dysfunction been on display more than in 2016. As a post-WWII baby who witnessed the aftermath of what we can do when we all come together, and as a coed whose university closed because of national unrest during the Vietnam war—just a couple of events during my lifetime that prove we have issues—I’ve always taken pride in my country because the individuals who make up our citizenry are, overall, a good and generous people. We don’t always agree but, hey, […]

The Highway of Life: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Lane

Danielle Mourning

Sandra Vischer is the author of the novel Unliving the Dream, about the challenges and triumphs of midlife. — As young people, we have all kinds of dreams and visions for our futures. We want to summit Mount Rainier, paraglide off of a cliff in the Austrian Alps, rumble a Harley down Route 66, or save whales in the Southern Ocean. We dream big! And we naïvely think we will fulfill those dreams. But then, we get out of college, start a career, get married, have kids… and before we know it, we’re cruising at a respectable speed in our […]