Can This Guy Be Captain America?


Vishavjit Singh is a NYC-based man, cartoonist, writer, and performance artist who went to the Women’s March in DC in his turbaned/bearded Captain America alter-ego.

I was at the Women’s March in Washington DC from morning to evening dressed up as Captain America holding a banner reading, ‘Women Are Superheroes that give birth to Superheroes.’ I marched to make a stand for women’s rights in person, spirit and art. I wanted to honor women for giving birth to us, nurturing us and making life possible to begin with. That we do not have the same rights for women as men is unacceptable.

I felt warmth, love and dedication to causes of justice after attending the march. Babies to grandmothers in wheelchairs came to have their voices heard. I am humbled to be part of this global movement and feel my spirits lifted up for battles ahead.

As you can see in the photo, I was literally lifted by women at the march.

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