A Poor Man With Lots of Money


Pablo Picasso once said “I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” At first that statement might make us laugh, due to the irony in it, but it gets at the heart of two important issues that are often different sides of the same coin: living simply while enjoying the small pleasures in life versus spending our life amassing money and possessions. Like many people, I’ve […]

10 Ways to Continually Recharge Yourself

Charles Heppner: Prayer Rugs

The other night I went to an acoustic guitar event at KGB in NYC and realized it was my meditation time. I was completely in the moment—free from to do lists, networking events, and schedules. I was completely present, doing nothing other than connecting to the beautiful music pouring out from the guitar and the smiles, laughs, and body movements of the musician against the red velvet curtain. This was […]

Celebrate Your Success Together

friends celebrate

Sometimes being on a team can feel like a hindrance. Perhaps you feel a team member is holding the team back or that one team member is bringing the whole group down, but when you work with a team that shares your vision for success, then that’s when truly magical things can start to happen in your collaboration with others. Recently, my sister Laurel gave up her full time job, […]

Setting Smarter Goals

Pregame HQ Environment -1

Most goal setting guides will tell you to set SMART goals. SMART goals are an acronym for those that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. All of those are important aspects of setting a goal but they are missing a key ingredient. I’ll show you how to set smarter goals by including that key ingredient. The key ingredient to smarter goals, much like Game Plan teaches us, is end […]

Either the Day Runs You, or You Run the Day

Melissa Murray, the sounds of fallen bone, 2012

The most important plan of each day is how you decide to start your morning. How you start your day effects how you see the rest of your day and whether or not you or the day are in control. Taking time at the beginning of your day, whether it’s fifteen minutes or an hour, to set the mood, pace, and success of our day can make all the difference in […]

Focus On the Why

Circles within circles (detail), From the series Suspended Beliefs, 2013, Ink, collage and manual typewriter on paper 36 x 8.5 inches

Hopes and dreams are that magic motivation that pushes us forward and helps us achieve our desires. Without that burning desire, would the Wright brothers ever have built a plane or Steve Jobs have co-created Apple? What is a reason you woke up today? A reason you’re motivated? A reason you started your business or took that job? Don’t lose sight of your why. If you start feeling you’ve lost […]

Cultivating a Mentality of Prosperity Rather Than Scarcity to Amass Your Wealth: The Story of The Orphanage Orange


“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” –William Arthur Ward The concept of gratitude plays into how we view our wealth, successes, and happiness. If you focus on what you don’t have; a bigger house, fancier car, shinier engagement ring, or that expensive cashmere suit you’ve been eyeing, then there will never be enough wealth amassed to satiate your […]

10 Healthy Habits for a Fuller Life

healthy habits

Mind and body wellness is proven to help make us more alert, more focused, and more productive, so they are healthy habits worth fitting into our day no matter how packed, busy or stressful our day seems because these healthy lifestyle choices are proven to improve our quality of life. Our bodies function to rebalance hormones, destress, detoxify, and realign during stretching and exercising. Neuroscience shows that not exercising each […]

Try One New Thing a Day to Diversify Your Life

The “Our City Exhibition” features a walkable installation based on Cousins’ “Mapping Soulville.”

We’re told we shouldn’t spend all our time partying as a socialite, or as a workaholic at the office, or pumping iron as a gym rat. Following the three pillars of career, relationships, and self we’re supposed to be well-rounded and live a diverse life, right? Encourage you to take that concept one step further and look at our personal roles as they fall into each of those three categories. […]

The Art of Possibility

Wasterval, Needs a Name

In a time where families feel split across the dinner table by current politics, one against another like players on a football field ready to attack; instead of acting like someone who is blind to the situation, hoping it will go away, why not instead help paint a better picture for the future? If we live in a multiverse, which science suggests to us, then there are an infinite amount […]