A Challenge for the Curious


  Childhood, for the fortunate among us, often conjures idyllic memories of seemingly infinite stretches of time. Children are insatiably curious and inexhaustible. Early memories are a montage of innocent exploration of new experiences. Catching fireflies, licking frosting from the beater, splashing in a creek or the surf. Saturday morning cartoons, sleeping in, endless games of capture the flag, reading in secret by flashlight- all things many of us long for in a world that seems hellbent on ripping our most precious resource, time, away from us. “May you live in interesting times” is an ancient curse with Chinese roots, […]

The Opportunity of Transitions

Travis Somerville

Humans are saddled from birth with the double-edged sword of writing our own stories. From the first sparkling moments of awareness we are faced with a paralyzing morass of choice. We find ourselves bolted in for the performance of our lives, often moving at speeds too fast to consider the gravity of the sharp turns the road may take. The pauses we take in life not only help identify the potentials of transitions as we live them, but also serve to frame the story. Each pause represents a moment of transition, and these are the hashmarks on the yardsticks of […]

Balanced Equations


In 1915, mathematician Emmy Noether proved that every action within a physical system has an opposite and equal reaction. This was anything but revelatory in the world of spirituality. The religions of our world are infused with the concepts of karma and equilibrium. Enlightenment is for the pure and the balanced. The world of business, too, is premised on profitable relationships, and some degree of balance must be struck before contracts are signed. Every arc of human experience is counterbalanced by extremes; rich and poor, hot and cold, good and evil, light and dark, joy and sadness. From chaos, an […]

Nomad Living

Rodney Ewing, Half-Immigrant, silkscreen and dry pigment on paper, 2017

We tend to think of our goals in life as a place, a set destination. Calendar dates become oases, the sensations of completing a major project take on an almost physical definition. We follow “roadmaps” to promotion and advancement. These are the reference points many of us use to define our lives. When the word “travel” is entered into a search bar, the computer screen will explode with a full listing travel booking sites, jubilant images of happy little globes, the Eiffel Tower and other wonders, articles that promise the best travel hacks, and hours of highlight-reel videos. Entire libraries […]

The Fires of Inspiration

David Howard Hitchcock, Halemaumau, Lake of Fire, 1888

The earliest record we have of human creation dates back over 40,000 years ago, to a red disk in a cave in Spain. On the other side of the globe in Indonesia, a few hundred years later, humans stenciled their hands on a cave wall. Roughly 5,000 years later, the first recorded animal depictions began to appear. Human agriculture would start some 20,000 years later, around 9,500 BCE, nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. To state that artistic expression is inherent in humanity is a historical fact that predates the bulk of human invention by millennia. Art is the […]

A Diverse Portfolio

Pregame Anniversary Party 2017 (Photo by Ashley Anderson) (23)

In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky speaks at length about the nature of power. He discusses various instances of creating leverage, thus creating power. One of his central tenets is the idea of not waiting for permission. In the struggle of radicals of any stripe, it’s almost a given that the establishment will be resistant to surrendering any of their power. Those who want to change the world and those who actually do are divided by their level of inventiveness. In every situation, Alinsky argues, there’s a fulcrum point that you can leverage to gain traction, and eventually control. One […]

Making Maintenance a Vital Routine

Charles Heppner: Eutopia

Vitality, like so many other powerful words, has been diluted in meaning. Everything from skin cream to energy drinks promises vitality. The true meaning of the word is altogether more primal and immediate, and not something so easily commodified into cartoon wings or a portable Fountain of Youth available for only three easy payments of $29.99. Vitality, noun; the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things. Words have power; they are vital to the continuance of thought. Emotions have power; they are vital to what it is to be human. Vitality is not only present at the […]