The Case For the Enthusiastic No

Jackie Battenfield, Ginko, 2018 48 x 210in.  Laminated Glass MTA Arts & Transit, Avenue P, Brooklyn, New York Permanent installation

I recently received a wedding invitation in which the bride and groom had taken the opportunity to have a little fun with the RSVP card. In addition to being able to reply with the usual “enthusiastically attend” or “regretfully decline,” options to “regretfully attend” and “enthusiastically decline” had also been listed. I checked off the first box, opting to save my bad behavior for the main event. Weddings are meant to be joyous affairs and most of us give our acceptance to join in the festivities heartily, but attendance comes with a to-do list. Even when money is not a […]

Are You the Sum of the Five Bank Accounts You Surround Yourself With?

Pregame Magazine

Why Your Friendships Could Be Costing You Your Financial Freedom There is a common belief that friends and money don’t mix. Money has a way of complicating the dynamic of relationships, and the imbalance of power can strain even the strongest of bonds. Popular advice recommends resisting lending friends money altogether, or at least not any you care about losing. One awkward experience is enough to convince most of us to keep friends and finances separate. However, now more than ever, we don’t live inside a vacuum. Jim Rohn famously said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend […]

Your Team Begins With You (But It Isn’t About You)

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I once had a boss scold me for failing to greet my coworkers when I arrived at work. I had managed a restaurant before (it’s astounding how easy it is to earn a set of keys in the hospitality industry), but this was my first big promotion, complete with business cards and a company email. I responded that, as the manager working swing shift, I didn’t think it appropriate to interrupt people I had just seen twelve hours ago. Tact hasn’t always been a strong suit. My mistake was not in assuming staff was too busy to be bothered (they […]

Why Your Goals Don’t Matter


In 2017 I left a successful career as a restaurant manager to work for myself. Hospitality, when done well, is an act of endurance; of tirelessly putting out fires. After two decades of rewarding but unceasing work in the hot zone, my personal life was collapsing under the pressure. My partner and I simultaneously decided to resuscitate our aspirations of careers in writing, a dream I had suppressed to better choke down the pill of conventionally-accepted maturity, and the financial stability presumed to go with it. I now resolved to clear the overgrowth from my path, despite the back-breaking work […]