First Class May Kill You! (Or, How To Eat Well While You Travel)

Airport travel food tips

  I was upgraded to the first class cabin on a morning flight last year and was excited to learn I had two choices for breakfast, a scrambled egg burrito or oatmeal and fresh fruit. Oatmeal sounds like the healthier choice, right? Yup, I thought so, too, and that’s the one I picked. (Also, I’m allergic to gluten so didn’t have much of a choice.) Then, when my tray arrived, my jaw dropped and I quickly started doing the math. Rather, I put everything into MyFitnessPal and watched the sugar count climb. It added up to 80g of sugar! United […]

Calculated Irresponsibility


“An ounce of gold will not buy an inch of time” – Chinese Proverb “If I could turn back time…then maybe maybe maybe…” – Cher I’m standing over the wash sink at my twin’s and my cafe, speeding through a mountain of dirty coffee mugs and breakfast dishes because we are running out and there is a steady stream of people waiting to order more food and coffee, when my cousin, Liz, asks if I’d like to spend twenty days with her in Thailand. Liz always likes to drop in for a visit at exactly the wrong time. Well, obviously, I’d love […]

Listening’s Power


I have become convinced that one of the most important things humans do in life is to be in relationship with one another. As a pastor and hospital chaplain, all I do is tend to relationships. Relationships are complicated, complex, messy, thrilling, incredible, sad, loving, full of drama, full of meaning, some are good, some are bad, some give life, some take life. What has enabled me to become so convinced of the importance of human relationships is my work with those who are sick and dying. I meet people when they are at the end of their lives and […]

Sisu: A Finnish Word for Entrepreneurs & Startups


I’m always on the lookout for inspiration, and fortunately, I can find it almost anywhere. It’s one of the reasons I love to travel. Since the senses are heightened around new circumstances, it’s an opportunity to reconnect to the world sensorially. For this reason, one of my favorite destinations is Finland. It’s one of the few places that I feel totally submersed in culture. I don’t speak the language, other than a few words, yet I have found a great respect and love for the country and its people. Full disclosure: I’m a quarter Finnish and have had the opportunity […]

Sam Chase on Yoga and the Pursuit of Happiness

Sam Chase Yoga

What exactly is happiness? How do we find it and why do we so often miss it? And how can yoga help us discover a personal path that will guide us? For years, I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of trying yoga. My impression was that yoga was the territory of lithe, Paltrowy girls and snobby instructors who would tell me I was doing it wrong. No thanks. Fortunately, during a particularly adventurous fitness month, I found a beginner yoga class led by Sam Chase. By the end of 60 minutes on the mat, my perception had transformed. Sam created an atmosphere of […]

Workout Warriors: Kristi Molinaro, Gerren Liles, and Steve Feinberg on Fitness Motivation

steve feinberg speedball

You’re on the verge of collapse – or is it a breakthrough? Whether you view a demanding class as a challenge or a punishment, there’s no doubt you’ve found yourself wondering between intervals… What the hell is my instructor thinking?! We want to know too – so we asked three beloved fitness gurus what’s really going through their minds in the middle of a workout and how they got to the head of the class. Meet Gerren, Kristi, and Steve: leading some of the newest and most challenging fitness classes anywhere. They intersect at Equinox, a gym where the instructors lead in creating an […]

How a Nasty Comment About My Body Changed Me

patricia moreno rock star

During a meeting with my mentor Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga, he said to me: “When people talk about you negatively, it is a sign that you have made it. People only talk about people negatively when they feel threatened by them. And when someone throws a stone at you, turn it into a precious stone.” Back then I laughed and asked, “What are you preparing me for?” Last week Natalia Petrzela – historian, writer, and professor at The New School in New York City, and one of my premiere intenSati leaders – published the article, “The […]

Pausing for More Time

kevin urban coach

I’m about to share a tool that may at first appear trivial. At least, that’s how it first appeared to me. In a million years, I never would have thought it could have such a profound impact on my life. The simple technique is… wait for it… to take a pause between tasks. That’s it. Really. About two years ago, I was burned out and in dire need of a new approach to my work. On a suggestion from a friend, I signed up for and attended a practical philosophy class. During that class, this technique was introduced. We were asked […]

Snapshots of Self-Assurance: Learning to Love Intuitively

christina mitchell wanderlust

When we are at ease with someone, we know it without question. It isn’t usually a thing we learn or find out about a partner: it’s something that we know almost as soon as we meet the person. The really great part is that they tend to be feeling it as well, and if we enjoy healthy relationships, we stay together and make it work even when things get tough because we know we’ve found something special. Very often though, when we feel ill-at-ease with someone, we ignore the instinct and instead of finding someone with whom we do feel […]

A Mindful Approach to Decision Making

Josh Korda

In life we can expect to face many difficult decisions, exhausting conundrums and cliffhangers exemplified by The Clash’s old, catchy track “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” For example, making up one’s mind about sticking with or getting out of a stressful job, a rocky relationship, a risky opportunity and so on can make for a tormenting experiences. The mind has an array of internal ‘attorneys’ who can argue back and forth for hours on end, and when we believe a verdict has been finally reached, the court case rages up again the following day. One internal lawyer, representing […]