Where’s the Love?

love rocks

Two words: Love and Community. Where do the two meet? It strikes me that without love, there is no community, in the most fundamental sense. Love (of the romantic variety) gives way to partnership and children and growing families to extended families to villages to towns to commerce to cities to countries and so forth. Then there are all the little communities within a community: the churches, the retirement homes, the neighborhood watches, the D&D groups, the cribbage clubs, the weekly soccer match, fill in the blank. Aren’t they all based, at least in part, on some form of love? Part of […]

Snapshots of Self-Assurance: Learning to Love Intuitively

christina mitchell wanderlust

When we are at ease with someone, we know it without question. It isn’t usually a thing we learn or find out about a partner: it’s something that we know almost as soon as we meet the person. The really great part is that they tend to be feeling it as well, and if we enjoy healthy relationships, we stay together and make it work even when things get tough because we know we’ve found something special. Very often though, when we feel ill-at-ease with someone, we ignore the instinct and instead of finding someone with whom we do feel […]