To Scale or Not to Scale?

Pregame Group Action 7-13-15

Scaling is a funny thing. It’s almost a religion in the world of entrepreneurship. Scaling has its benefits, but has its shortcomings as well. Not every business needs to scale to a massive degree. Not every business needs to have world domination as their number one target at the expense of all else.First things first. Why do you want to scale? This is vitally important. This is what sets the tone. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs before who have struggled with this question, and most of the time it’s because they don’t actually want to scale at all. They think they […]

The Startup Sessions: How To Make a Great Living While Making a Difference with Douglas Bertram

Douglas Bertram

  PODCAST: PLAY IN NEW WINDOW | DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | ANDROID | RSS “How do I scale what I know and not just what I do?”  Today’s guest is Douglas Bertram, CEO and owner of Structural Elements®, an orthopedic wellness clinic that provides the highest standard of care using his proprietary treatment approach. He has been practicing orthopedic wellness for over 20 years and has scaled his clinical success and proprietary framework into a franchise concept. Listen in to learn how Douglas turned his life’s calling into a successful, scalable, and impact-driven business. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Finding the right path (1:53) Scaling a business around what […]

The Startup Sessions: The Role Of Healthy Relationships For Entrepreneurs with Kyle Benson

Kyle Benson

  PODCAST: PLAY IN NEW WINDOW | DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | ANDROID | RSS “There are two problems within every problem. There’s the actual problem, and there’s how you deal with the problem. Unhappy couples and happy couples have these same problems; the difference between those relationships is how they deal with the problem.” Today I’m talking with Kyle Benson, an expert at applying research methods to repair relationships, heal wounds, and strengthen bonds so that love can last a lifetime. He is an Intentional Intimate Relationship coach and is known for his compassion and ability to see the root cause of relationship problems. He created the Intimacy […]

The Startup Sessions: Learn How To Fall in Love with Your Business Again with Pia Silva

Pia Silva leading a workshop

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS “As you increase the profitability of your services, you free up your time and you free up your life.” What if you could work fewer hours while making more money? Pia Silva will describe how to do just that! Pia is a partner and brand strategist at Badass Your Brand and Worst of All Design. She is also a Forbes Contributor and author. Pia is all about finding the value in how you spend your time so that you can increase profitability, live the way you choose, and spend time […]

The Startup Sessions: How To Make Your Business Stand Out with Matthew Kimberly

Matthew Kimberly

PODCAST: PLAY IN NEW WINDOW | DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | ANDROID | RSS “It’s been said to death, but it couldn’t be more true. The combination of the group of people you serve and the result you give to them has got to be crystal clear and very, very specific.” Meet Matthew Kimberley… the Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon. He helps entrepreneurs all over the world to sell with more sophistication and he’s an expert on strategic business direction. The bottom line: Matthew will help you land more clients and increase your sales. On this episode, Matthew is sharing advice on increasing your organic outbound marketing, revolutionizing your business, […]

Your Story Matters: How To Craft a Mindful Message that Connects


Is your message ringing crystal clear with the world? Are you communicating the VERY best version of YOU with the world? An impactful message is not only a necessity for your audience, but also for YOU. This week’s podcast guest, Amanda Johnson, joins me to discuss how important it is for impact-driven entrepreneurs to powerfully rewrite their stories and clarify the very core of their message to create a memorable brand that facilitates change. PODCAST: PLAY IN NEW WINDOW | DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | ANDROID | RSS Highlights of This Episode The importance of being a ‘Mindful Messenger’ (4:07) Crafting a Mindful Message (16:05) How Amanda […]

The Startup Sessions: How To Grow Your Business by Doing Less

Ashley Gartland_PDX

I’m out of the studio this week, so we took Episode 173 on the road to a cafe in Northern California. Certified Life Coach, mother of two spirited little girls, and simplification expert, Ashley Gartland, joins me to explore why saying “yes” to too much slows your business down, how & why to focus on less, not more, and why progress is more important than perfection. How can delegation can help you achieve more? Ashley believes if you want your business to grow, you have to learn how to simplify it. A lot! Highlights of This Episode Why business […]

The 5 Best Business Lessons I’ve Learned This Year

Michael Knouse_Pregame_171

This year has been filled with many firsts and many lessons learned. I know, I know… the year isn’t over yet, but I wanted to share some of the most valuable business lessons that I’ve learned so far. This episode is short, 11-minutes, and there are some nuggets that have truly helped my business become more sustainable and FUN!   Show Highlights Lesson #1: Try new things (0:30) After years of 1:1 coaching, I decided to launch and run a new peer-based community called The Council of Visionary Business Builders. I discuss the impact this had on my business and how I’m structuring this group […]

The Startup Sessions: How to Choose Your Breakthrough Business Model w/ Danielle Ewalt + Michael Knouse

The Startup Sessions: Danielle Ewalt + Michael Knouse

We’re shaking it up, listeners! For the first time in 170 episodes of The Startup Sessions, I’ve got a co-host!  Danielle Ewalt, Business Strategist & Council of Visionary Business Builders member, sits down with me to discuss the various business models available to self-funded, independent entrepreneurs.  Which model is right for you?  Danielle and I dissect each of these models and provide insightful perspectives to help you choose a business model that fits the lifestyle you’re looking to create. “Anytime you’re making your decisions with intention, it’s way more powerful…” -Danielle Ewalt The 10 Business Models The Thought Leader […]

The Startup Sessions: Finding Freedom Through Facing the Truth w/ Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones, The Startup Sessions

Not just anyone is willing to quit their job in the pursuit of their dream, especially without having a contingency plan to fall back on. But this week’s guest on The Startup Sessions did just that! Sarah Jones is the founder of Introverted Alpha and she describes how relying on naive confidence ultimately led her to a six-figure business. She also opens up about what it means to find success through gaining your market’s trust, and how to do so by genuinely caring for those around you. We get a little bit raw and honest in this discussion as Sarah […]