Ask the Strategist: Hard Time Staying Fit? Three Steps to Sanity and Fitness for the Busy Executive

staying fit while traveling for work

“Ask the Strategist” tackles your questions about productivity, operations, decision making, and results. This month, Sebastian Marshall tackles the age-old question of how to stay fit and healthy while living that hyper-busy executive life.   Sebastian, I was into team sports but living abroad or traveling makes it harder to stay active. I don’t like exercise/gym, but it’s an area of my life that needs improvement since I’m basically on my screen all day. What do you recommend? — Derek M. Derek, I love your honesty, and that’s why I chose to feature your question for this month’s column — you […]

Ask the Strategist: Rules for Collaborating with Driven People

Harvest Zau Marsh

“Ask the Strategist” tackles your questions about productivity, operations, decision making, and results. Hey Sebastian – One of my most persistent collaboration issues is working with forceful, headstrong personalities. A powerful, long-term drive can simultaneously create a deep and innovative subject matter expert as well as a deeply entrenched viewpoint and working style. As a technical worker, it’s hard for me to route around these technical forces of nature, but I’ve also had a hard time effectively navigating a collaborative relationship. Have you found any effective communication/collaboration strategies for this case? — Chad W. A fine question, Chad. I feel rather qualified […]

Ask the Strategist: Three Rules To Follow If You’re Not Sure Which Project To Do Next

sebastian marshall strategist

“Ask the Strategist” tackles your questions about productivity, operations, decision making, and results. Sebastian Marshall kicks this month off with a three-step solution for goal paralysis. I work really hard both professionally and on myself (health/fitness, education/online learning) – I now have two weeks off and I’m trying to work out what to work on. I have a trello board with courses that I’ve wanted to work on all year but there’s so much in there I don’t know where to start and more importantly I don’t have an internal system to make decisions as to what is important to me right […]