Alicia Rebensdorf of Tuffet: What To Consider Before Opening Your Own Bar/Restaurant

Tuffet Brooklyn

Alicia Rebensdorf put it all on the line to open TUFFET, a cheese/meat/bar in Brooklyn, NY. But she didn’t just dive in; she took strategic steps to ensure her success. Watch this interview to find out Alicia’s top factors to consider before opening your hospitality business.

Turning Your Idea Into a Business: What To Do Before You Start


How do you know whether it’s time to start your own business, and what do you need to know before you begin? Ciara Pressler breaks down four essential factors to consider before you decide to go out on your own. The Audience w/ Ciara Pressler is a webseries about moving you forward with strategy and style, whether you’re growing your career or growing your business. Get more at