The Person We Forget To Thank 99% of the Time


Think of something incredible that has happened in your life. Now think of the person who helped make it happen. Maybe they made an introduction for you, or vouched for you and now you have had this amazing experience. Chances are that you’ve thanked this person profusely. You’ve likely told them how much their help has meant to you and maybe even sent them a gift. You feel good and […]

Go Away: Why a Change of Environment Can Change Your Life

Alex Nunez, Put some lipstick on and pull yourself together. 2016.

Sometimes in life the best choice you can make is to go away. If I had to look back at every major shift in my own life, I can attribute it to a change in environment. It’s easy to be lured by a life filled with comfort, predictable outcomes, and security.  When I look back at what it was like being a high school English teacher, my days were very […]

What Counting Change Taught Me About Making Change

Letters by Shadi Yousefian

When I was young I used to get these really big collector cups from places like McDonalds and Taco Bell with photos from the latest blockbuster movie. I always kept one of them and made it a habit to throw my spare change in the cup any time I came back from the store. I bought a lot of comic books and a lot of candy so I almost always […]

The Giving Fix

Marielis Seyler - Maria Theresia

When you look at the world around you and you know you have the capacity to help people, it feels amazing! You think of all of the people you could potentially introduce, all of the advice you could give, and all of the causes you could support, and you feel GREAT! Now you sit down at your computer and go to work pumping out introductions, commenting on blogs, setting up […]

Reexamine Your Network: Who Really Has Your Back?

michael roderick

Everyone has a network of people around them, but not everyone has a network that can help them achieve their goals. The beginning of a new year is a really great time to take a moment to look at the network that you currently have. What I’ve learned is that the difference between a network that does very little and a network that transforms your life is whether or not […]