Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Navigating Ambiguity

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In the last month, I’ve had several conversations with clients about the negative impact ambiguity is having on their careers or the careers of their direct reports. Likewise, it is THE thing that paralyzes me in my business. I’d argue that the ability to navigate ambiguity is what separates success from failure. I was a good student in school (usually). School taught me to look for the answer and to […]

Personal Brand & Global Culture: Embrace the You in a Billion


Our culture informs our world view. It informs what we know, how others see perceive us…often even before we speak. In a way, identifying how our culture and diversity make us unique has been at the core of my teaching philosophy, in my decade(plus) working with clients and students from around the world. Helping people find and use the “expert within” to create an authentic personal brand has become my […]

Life is What Happens While You Were Making Other Plans

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“Where do you see yourself in five years?” This question is so common, it’s become an interview cliché. But the first time I was asked, I didn’t know about any of that, I was simply unprepared. I didn’t have a good answer, nor did I want to. Five years seemed like forever, and I hadn’t been living with any kind of long-term plans. I was 28 years old, supporting my […]

Encore: Welcome to the Elite Society of Former Performers


An excerpt from Exit Stage Right: The Career Change Handbook for Performers Once you’re solidly in your new chapter, you join the ranks of the Former Performers: the passionate souls who pursued one of the most difficult – and rewarding – career paths that exist. You followed your first dream, and that is something you should always cherish. For a long time, I struggled with the admission that I used […]

Too Much is Not Enough: Escaping Impossible Standards

Nadja Verena Marcin, Covergirls (magazine), 2017, Four magazines of 6-8 pages, inkjet prints, mixed media, 11.5 x 8.75, Edition 1/5 + 1 AP (sold as series of four)

My first anxiety attack was three months after I opened the Pregame Clubhouse. Not the first anxiety attack of my life – far from it. That had been in 2002, the summer I took on roles in four different plays (rehearsing in different boroughs, not always at different times) while still working full time at a mutual fund in Manhattan. I was going to grow my artistic resume even if […]

A Life of Purpose


The purpose of life is a life of purpose. —Robert Byrne How do we keep going in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds? How do we overcome the dark forces of self-doubt and self-criticism which can sometimes cripple our ability to create our best, most purposeful lives? How do we rise above the sometimes ungenerous, unkind stories we tell ourselves as we go about our lives? Sitting around the table at […]

Aurin Squire on Scripting for Stage & Screen

aurin squire

Aurin Squire is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and reporter. He is a recipient of the 2014 Lecomte du Nouy Prize from Lincoln Center and the Lila Acheson Wallace Playwright Fellowship at The Juilliard School. He graduated with honors from Northwestern University and worked as a radio reporter for the college’s national newsfeed. He was also a reporter for publications like ESPN, The Miami Herald, and Chicago Tribune. After graduating from The […]

Impact: LaunchCode


LaunchCode is a nonprofit organization that creates routes to economic opportunity and upward mobility through apprenticeships and job placement in technology. LaunchCode partners with over 300 companies, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups, and matches them with job seekers through a unique mentorship and paid apprenticeship program. Located primarily in the St. Louis and Miami areas, LaunchCoders also work in Chicago, Atlanta, Fort Knox, Seattle, Portland, and other locations. LaunchCode […]

Three Tips to Get You a Summer Vacation

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I freakin’ love summer. People are happier. Life in summer seems light and fresh and just…scrumptious. Perhaps it is because so many people take vacations in the summer. If you are an entrepreneur, you may find summer to be a frustrating jerk of a season that rubs your nose in the fact that you can’t really take time off. Bullshit! You can (and absolutely should) take a vacation. You just […]

Giving Imposter Syndrome the Boot

Xin Song, Message from Nature

I have a confession to make. It’s something I’ve never admitted before publicly. I still have a fair amount of shame around it and it is probably the number one source for my sometimes crippling self-doubt. It’s been around for decades, easily, and is the number one symptom of a larger problem: Impostor Syndrome. The term has been around since it was coined by clinical psychologists in 1978, but it’s become more widely used […]