Cathey Armillas on Optimizing Ideas and Adapting to Online Speaking

Cathey Armillas

In The Interview: Episode #02, Ciara Pressler interviews Cathey Armillas, Marketing Strategist, International Speaker, Presentation Coach, and Author.

Cathey and Ciara talk about…

  • Reimagining and reengineering practices for online speaking engagements
  • The science of online attention
  • The beautiful accident that led to her turning personal development into helping others become better speakers
  • Optimizing ideas in order to make them valuable and spreadable
  • How to approach giving brief, yet dense and informative talks

Cathey Armillas is a Marketing Strategist and the author of the award-winning book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 ½ Ways to Get People to Love You. These Unbreakable Rules have reached millions of people and quadrupled her clients’ sales. Additionally, her marketing campaigns have landed her clients on TV shows like CNBC, David Letterman, and The History Channel. As a TEDx speaker, TEDx speaking coach, and organizer for TEDxPortland, Cathey has demonstrated her vast knowledge about speaking. She has coached many to rock their TED Talk from young rising star celebrities to WWII War heroes.

Where to find Cathey:

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