CEO: Creating Every Opportunity

Peter D. Gerakaris, Chartreuse Garden Accordion Book

Hang on. You are in for a ride, but stay true to your goal.

John Thompson, "CEO"

Wait a minute! We don’t need to go back that far to start the journey.

John Thompson, "CEO"

Okay, this is better.

Your journey begins as a CEO. You have a vision, a goal, and a BIG IDEA! Getting from Point A to Point B…

John Thompson, "CEO"

Holding fast to the vision for your life. Having a reason to believe in your vision.

John Thompson, "CEO"

Unexpected challenges can energize you even more.

The worst events in the world can turn into the best adventure.

John Thompson, "CEO"

A new adventure beings on my journey. Things happen for a reason.

A partner can be your best motivator to becoming a CEO. (Positive energy promotes positive success.)

John Thompson, "CEO"

This journey is not easy. Stay on course.

Keep your feet on the ground until you have a better idea of where you are going.

Your journey might be in a fog. Wait, it will clear. The vision is still there on the horizon.

John Thompson, "CEO"

Break through the glass ceiling. It will happen, faith tells you that it will.

Getting to the top takes exercise and strength, but there is quite a view when you get there.

It takes time to have others see you as you do. Getting the word out about your expertise is important.

John Thompson, "CEO"

When the underwear model wants your autograph, you know you are on the right path in your journey.

Take time to celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate other on their journey too!

Continue growing and moving forward on the journey. Success does not happen in a day.

Remember, you can’t control things outside of your realm. But by being prepared, you can still achieve your goals.

Believe in your vision.

John Thompson, "CEO"

Our journey takes us through many events that lead us to our goals.

  • Write your goals down.
  • Tell others so they can get excited too.
  • Conceive your goal.
  • Believe that your goal is going to come.
  • Achieve that goal through your labor. It is something to nurture.
    Be open to learning something new and growing every day.

Your journey is a work in progress.

Your life experiences will shape your vision. We dream our own success into becoming what we want.

CEO: Creating Every Opportunity. 

It’s the journey of your own success.

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