Cutting the Cord

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2015: I had no idea I was making a huge business mistake…

I was officially a full-time photographer and I signed a lease on a beautiful studio because professional photographers need a studio space right?

Mind you at the time I had NO revenue, NO clients, and NO marketing strategy.

You might be laughing to yourself, but every day I talk to freelancers, founders and solopreneurs making a different version of this same mistake.


You might think you need the perfect website, or one more round of revision, the right connections, the right gear, the right representation, better skills, more practice (I’ve heard a zillion versions) before you can get started or reach the next level.

BUT HERE’S THE THING: All of these stories stop you from taking the actions that will actually get money coming in and attention on what value you bring.


1) I bet you can think of 5 things you could do today to get more clients/build your brand. But you’re not doing do them because they’re scary and ALWAYS involve “putting yourself out there” by talking to people and sharing what you want to do. And that freaks you out (I totally understand BTW).

2) NOBODY CARES. Your clients don’t care about what equipment you have or whatever you think will make you more credible/special. They only care about what you can do for them. Can you deliver on the thing they want? Then that’s it.

2020: I don’t have a studio, I don’t have the fanciest, newest lights. But amazing brands seek me out and pay me. I get to work with people who are awesome, my work has a positive impact, and I’ve build my personal brand doing what I love.

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