December 2016: Embracing Change

Danielle Mourning

Until recently, I hated change.

After a childhood filled with changing homes, schools, and cities, I stayed in my first post-college apartment for ten years — practically unheard of for a twentysomething in New York City. Adulthood brought the opportunity to make my own decisions, choose my own environments, and even create my own second family.

I became so committed to everything staying the same, or at least within my control, that it became to impede my personal development. I ended up in a Groundhog Day of repetition, which seemed like control but was really just monotony, and the illusion that life was indeed controllable. I slowly realized that change could also be for the better, and stopped resisting the invitations I received to move forward.

Controlling life, places, and people only works if we never want to evolve or to be challenged.

External change is inevitable. Our experience of this type of change is largely shaped by our attitude and approach.

Internal change is a whole other beast. Giving up our inner beliefs, habits, and identities can seem impossible. But eventually, when it really counts, not changing becomes more painful than the courage and discipline it takes to change.

Not all change needs to be embraced, but all change must be accepted. If external factors aren’t to our liking, we will only be capable of creating a strategy to shift them if we come from a place of accepting reality.

As this year draws to an end, I encourage you to reevaluate yourself and your circumstances: What needs to change? What can you let go of? What is it time to try, adopt, or shift?

We’re here to give you our best advice for gracefully navigating change, and ground you on your journey.

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