December 2019: Measuring Impact


It’s the season of giving, and many of us are already spent.

When we’re not running a business or tackling another big work project, we’ve been managing major life events from sending kids off to college to losing a parent. All of this while dodging social media and the the relentless onslaught of impeachment hearings and Democratic presidential candidates.

Living in the modern world, for all its progress and convenience, brings new sources of anxiety. We’re always on, always plugged in, constantly measuring ourselves.

The price of convenience caries a massive cost in real connection and sustained attention. Is it worth it?

This holiday season, we’re focusing on Impact: where are your actions most felt? Which events are worth your energy? Which relationships fulfill you?

We invite you to take a break. Decide what you can drop. Identify your real priorities.

The things that matter deserve your full attention.

Strategy & Style,

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