December 2020: Farewell

Fancy Orange Flowers - Katie Buckman

The general sentiment seems to be that 2020 can’t end quickly enough.

All of us have been affected by the pandemic. Depending on where you live, your year may have also included lockdowns, wildfires, protests, counterprotests, election mayhem, and/or general agitation permeating the population.

Even if we haven’t become sick, we’ve been physically affected and restricted this year. And it’s certainly created new, added pressure on our mental and emotional states.

I’ve noticed friends and family putting up Christmas decorations weeks earlier than usual; it’s as if leaning into the holiday season will get us past the struggles of this year that much faster.

Every year, we collectively engage in the magical thinking that on January 1, everything will change. We’ll have a blank slate where anything is possible and we can leave the past behind.

Pregame embraces this magic. Our founding event is our annual New Year’s Goal Brunch, which approaches its tenth consecutive year.

We’re all about creating something new, but not at the expense of awareness and acceptance of the past. 2020 has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to examine what we value, what really matters, and what we truly want going forward. Let’s not lose that.

This month, we’re reflecting on what it means to fare well: to be content, to prioritize health while transitioning, to depart on good terms.

We’re honored to feature Katie Buckman’s photography collection bidding farewell to the Pacific Northwest, a reflection on her move to Colorado last autumn.

So, fare well my friends.

See you in 2021, with both blank slates and baggage. Let’s embrace it all.

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