Energy Over Everything Else

Bamboo Breeze  - Katie Buckman

Everything, from a granular level, is made of energy.

Thus, the common denominator between every interaction we have in our life, all objects, plants, humans, and animals is an exchange of energy.

When you eat a fish, for instance, you’re body harvests the energy from the meat, so in essence, you’re consuming everything the fish consumed as well.

You also absorb energy from the things that are around you, what you wear, and what you use.

It’s a useful practice to ask yourself:

What kind of energy do those which we interact or consume carry?

What kind of energy are we individually bringing to every exchange?

What kind of energy do we want from these exchanges?

It’s our responsibility. Think about what you eat, what kind of clothes you wear, and the information you consume, they all make difference.

When you realize everything is connected, you give yourself an opportunity to see the big picture. You have an impact.

How you choose to use your energy in these exchanges will largely determine what kind of energy you get back.

The universe is a mirror and you attract the type of energy you exude.

Choose wisely.

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