February 2019: Diversity & Culture


Welcome to the most provocative issue of Pregame Magazine to date.

In discussing this month’s topic of diversity and culture, our contributors opted to keep it real. No maxim-riddled fluff. We went straight for the cultural jugular, favoring much-needed call-outs over the typical overoptimistic (and oversimplistic) opinions which do little more than to serve to keep us all exactly where we are as an individual or as a culture.

I couldn’t be more proud.

You see, it’s easier to stay in the feel-good zone; to wrap complicated concepts with a neat little bow.

But if diversity were easy, wouldn’t we have done it by now?

If building a successful culture was simple, would it be business’s favorite buzzword?

Instead, this month, we ask you to challenge yourself and your beliefs about the world around you and how you navigate it.

If you’re a little uncomfortable after exploring this month’s content, if you’re moved to dig deeper, if your vision is expanded, you’re doing it right.

Strategy & Style,

Artwork © Kija Lucas

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