Goal Clarity: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Need clarity on your goals, your direction, your next steps?

We talk a lot about setting goals at Pregame and in my book Game Plan.

The Game Plan workbook is a great way to get clarity for your New Year – create a little goal retreat on your own or with a friend.

To pregame that work, start with our Clarifying Questions. I try to do them a couple of times each year and it gives me clarity on what my goals should be right now. It’s like being on a really long road trip and taking a rest stop; looking at the map again to make sure I’m really on the right route and going in the direction that I want to go.

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Clarifying Questions

Use these questions to get to the heart of what you want now.

1. If everything worked out perfectly, what would my reality be one year from now?

2. What would be worth doing even if I failed?

3. If my older, wiser self told me what to do next, what would it be?

4. Does the idea of doing this goal make me feel expanded or contracted? Energized or stressed?

5. When am I at my best? What is second nature to me? What makes people call me for help or advice?

6. What would I be doing with my time if I had all the money in the world?

7. What do I want to do, practice, or create every day, regardless of the outcome?

8. What kind of people do I want to be around regularly? Who are my people?

9. What impact do I want to have on my community? What do I want my legacy to be?

10. ACTION: What’s one thing you can remove from your life right now that doesn’t match your Vision?


Artwork © Chellis Baird

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