Green Week: Sara Batterby on Startup Funding

HiFi Farms at Pregame HQ

Angel Investor and Cannabis Entrepreneur Sara Batterby came to Pregame HQ for a Green Week conversation about startup funding and growth best practices.

Sara started her career in technology and finance with Accenture and has subsequently supported multiple ventures as a founder, a consultant and an advisor. She is passionate about diversity as a basis for strong business and smart investing, and co-designed an angel fund that applied the diversity principle as a portfolio strategy for early stage investors.

Sara is President and CEO of Hifi Farms, “The Coolest Cannabis Farm In Oregon” according to Esquire Magazine. Built on the principles of craft, quality, community and sustainability, Hifi is currently is on track to become one of the nation’s most recognized and respected companies in the industry.

Here are a few of Sara’s tips for winning the business fundraising game:

Make Your Company Invest-able.
As a CEO, be conscious of making your company investment worthy — big decisions must factor in creating real value.

Fundraise in Your Zone.
Don’t try to be someone you’re not — it will come through and make you seem untrustworthy. Be yourself and tell your story to connect with the right investors.

Fundraising is an Art and a Science.
Most fundraising advice focuses on the tactical, but there is an emotional process that is required to be in the right frame of mind.

Be Prepared.
Seems obvious, but most founders aren’t ready to seize a sudden opportunity that knocks at their door. The good news? You don’t have to be ready on their timeline — the funding game is about pitching when it’s the right time for your business.

Think Like an Investor.
What questions would you want addressed as an investor? Even though angel investing is high-risk, there are ways to mitigate the psychological risk by providing the right information and building a genuine relationship.

Don’t Be Thirsty.
Follow up strategically and stay in control of the process. Never just send over your deck; instead, create a suite of information that you introduce to interested investors at the right time.

Effective Fundraising is a Team Sport.
Like all human pursuits, people seek the validation of a group when making investment decisions.

It’s a Game.
Keep a sense of perspective throughout the process. The whole object of the game is to make money, so there will be many conversations and negotiations about value. Don’t over-personalize the remarks that rub you the wrong way – shake them off and keep going.

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