Introducing the Pregame Clubhouse: A Space for Creating Your Success

Pregame PDX Clubhouse

After the past decade of working with people to create a Game Plan for achieving their personal and professional goals, I’m excited to launch the first Pregame Clubhouse this August in Portland, Oregon.

Our Pregame PDX Clubhouse is a space dedicated to giving you the guidance, support, and connections you need to move forward. It’s your headquarters away from the hustle, where you can learn, formulate, prep, connect, rework, relax. Swing by any day of the week to get a shot of strategy from experienced experts, potential clients, and professional peers.

Even those of us who are bravely following our dreams need consistent support. We need a place where we don’t have to have it all together. We need advice, encouragement, and community. We need a team so we can get out into the field and play to win.

Pregame membership gives you access to exclusive workshops, events, and opportunities designed to deliver support for achieving your goals in life, career, and business.

Pregame is the solution to the places where we consistently hit obstacles on the path to our goals:

Creative people focus on perfecting their product and neglect the vital promotion and processes to get that project in front of its audience.

We isolate and lack the community or accountability needed to get into action.

We can’t find or can’t afford an experienced consultant or coach, so we try to do it ourselves without sufficient expertise — or panic and hire the first person we meet – whether it’s the right fit or not.

We compare others’ social media successes to our own real-life imperfections.

A fantastic product is blocked by an image or implementation that lacks the sophistication or specificity to connect with the audience that will embrace it.

Our project is draining our time and energy instead of empowering our lives.

We deceive ourselves about our true goals and chase the wrong results.

All of these challenges are solvable. It involves with clarifying why you’re in the game, creating ambitious yet achievable goals, developing a plan of action, attacking immediate challenges, and engaging your audience, so you can move forward with strategy and style.

If you’re in Portland, be sure to get on our list for event invites then stop by to see our beautiful space in the Pearl District. Details here.

If you’re elsewhere, let me know via and I’ll do my best to bring our events to your city.

Why Portland? If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. The whole region is brimming with creative energy, curiosity, and an environment conducive to health, happiness, and balance. It’s my hometown, and a truly special place to clear the clutter and rededicate yourself to authentic growth.

We’re in this together. I look forward to cheering you on as you move toward your goals!

Game On,
Ciara Pressler

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