January 2016: Defining Your Own Success

define your own success

To kick off the New Year and the first edition of Pregame, I invited the people who inspire me in my own pursuit of success to share their spin: How do you define success? How does it change over time? How do you set and achieve goals? What helps you make important decisions?

Spoiler alert: there is no perfect formula for success.

It’s easy to forget; to buy into the glittery idea that if we just read the right book, take the right class, follow the right guru, or download the right app, we will finally unlock the magic bullet solution that drops the weight, manifests the partner, rains the money, and delivers happiness.

I’m guilty too. I repeatedly get seduced by the latest theory, program, article, or method that promises elite results. (I’m American, after all.) But the only time these things actually contribute to my success is when I selectively apply some (not all) of the concepts to some (not all) of my projects. No single book or expert or TED talk has ever laid out an approach that I could follow to the exclusion of other information in order to reach my goals.

It may be frustrating, but the truth is that a cookie-cutter approach that wants you to do the same thing as everyone else isn’t going to serve you in the long run.

Instead, take responsibility for your own destiny and continue the development of your own unique approach to your life. It’s more challenging terrain than simply following a map, but it will set you up for greater success and satisfaction.

Whether you are pursuing your goals alone or with outside support, it is up to you to think critically and make any process your own. Discover what works for you through trial and error. Throw out what doesn’t work and keep what does. There is only one you, so there is only one unique path to your specific success.

Construct your personal success formula. Then continue adapting it as your goals require.

There are no perfect formulas. But there are best practices.

Pregame is here to explore the new definitions of success in life, work, and community. We’re committed to being fully engaged in the journey and sharing what we learn along the way. Our insight is yours to discover, adopt, adapt, repurpose, evolve.

Join us — and dare to create your own definition of success.

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