January 2017: Expanding Possibility

Block 3, The NYC Blocks Series

Sometimes you really do need a fresh start.

I love New Year’s Day. It’s a reset button. A day totally devoted to rest, reflection, and hope. A moment where we imagine becoming our best selves, stretching beyond where we are now and what we typically think we can do.

Change can be radical. We can all identify the events that were significant turning points in our lives: the college we chose, the move to the big city, the job we took, the person we married, the first child, the sudden loss.

Change is usually very subtle. Life is a cumulation of small choices adding up to our reality.

It would be easier if change always happened suddenly; if a magical event changed everything for the better. But change is a seed that’s planted and grows slowly; in any one day you don’t notice the progress, but with diligence and proper care, it eventually blooms and flourishes.

When I get frustrated about my progress toward a goal, I remember the large jars my sister has on the counter at her house. Every time my young nephews do something right, they get a marble in the jar. Once they have a certain number of marbles, they get a prize. It’s great incentive for making the right decision – something is at stake, and there’s a visual of their progress.

I think that’s the magic of a daily list

The small things add up. Set big goals for achievement this year, but also commit to habits that will add up. After all, you’re not what you think about doing, you are what you do.

Here’s to a year of possibility; of opening your mind and heart to new realities for yourself and for our world.

Game On.

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