January 2018: Redefining the Game

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New Year. New Game.

At Pregame, we don’t make resolutions. We achieve goals.

Our magazine is about redefining success by asking the right questions, and our events are dedicated to creating success by providing the right guidance.

Success can mean whatever you choose. Our first suggestion is that your goal be honest: what you truly want right now.

But here’s the catch: the goal is not The Goal.

The finish line cannot be the point. The race must be its own reward.

The real purpose of our little-g goals is to grow; to learn about who we really are, what we have to offer the world, who’s with us, and what we can contribute to the greater good. That is The Goal, the one everyone in our community shares. Our contributors, our members, our artists, our experts, our trainers, our team.

During the past year, people came to Pregame to grow a business, write that book, meet people who “get it,” see if their dream was a viable career, to be able to spend more time with their family, to  spend less time at home, to make more money, to get healthier, to become brave, to own their value.

We came to discover our true potential and connect with others who share that goal.

That’s the real Goal.

Our platforms may differ, but whether we are artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, teachers, healers, writers, parents, activists, funders, salespeople, coaches, or simply curious about what is possible, our business and career endeavors serve a bigger purpose than taking home a paycheck.

You choose the goal. But never, ever lose sight of the real Goal.

Are you with us?

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