January 2019: Pregame Your Goals

carpe diem pregame


We Don’t Make Resolutions. We Achieve Goals.

Those are the words boldly emblazoned across the windows of Pregame HQ at this very moment.

They’re a dare.

They’re calling out empty intentions.

They’re inviting you to rethink your New Year strategy.

There seem to be three stages of New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Yeah! Resolutions! We optimistically intend to lose weight, save money, do a Whole 30. Then, after January’s discipline and motivations subside, February feels tenuous, and by March we conveniently forget (or purposely ignore) those dreams when real life and old habits reconvene to sabotage all that initial progress. Which leads to…
  2. F— Resolutions. Why set them if I’m not going to accomplish them anyway?! Instead of disappointment, I’ll win by forgoing the game altogether. Still, something’s lacking. We all need something to look forward to; ways to keep growing and evolving. Even if we haven’t written them down or tied their timing to the calendar, we constantly have new things we want to become, do, have. So frustration remains, even if it’s a new strain.
  3. Goals, on my terms. Shun the shoulds and create a formula that works for you. Transforming resolutions into goals and using tried-and-true methods to move forward isn’t restraining; it’s liberating. Create specific goals. Check your mindset. Write it down. Make a plan. Get support. Celebrate.

This month, we invite you to choose #3.

We’re also welcoming new contributors to Pregame Magazine – are you one of them?

And we’re continuing the tradition that started it all: New Year’s Goal Brunch. Years before the magazine, before the clubhouse, there was an annual gathering to power conscious goal setting. In 2019, I’ll be visiting cities on both coasts to help you create meaningful goals — and the space and structure to achieve them.

Join us. Value that seed of intention by giving it the environment, resources, and community it needs to become a goal, and eventually, your reality.

Because this, players, is what life is all about.

Strategy & Style,

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