January 2020: Clarity

Between 2017 (Detail)
Pigmented Wax, Fabric, Wire, Wood, Canvas
30in X 24in X 10.5in

Welcome to the new decade!

(Well, yes, chronology purists, it doesn’t technically start until 2021, but play along.)

As you know, we’re all about the New Year: fresh starts, renewed vision, and best of all, new goals.

In the year 2020, it’s impossible for us to resist the obvious metaphor: perfect vision.

When deciding on the next goal or even just the next step, how do we get clarity?

Clarity on what we really want (versus what others want for us), whether now is the right time (or we’re hanging on to something from the past), and why we’re going for it at all (or are we slipping into the dominant narrative of our culture?).

This month, I’ll bring the theme of Clarity to my annual Goal Brunch tour – join us for deep discussion on

No Goal Brunch in your city? No problem! Request to host in your area, or download our complimentary Clarity Worksheet to start your year with 20/20 vision.

Strategy & Style,

Artwork by Chellis Baird

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