July 2017: The Strategic Pause

©Nick Onken

As a recovering perfectionist, I find the idea of doing nothing incredibly disconcerting.

I’m slowly chipping away at the bad habit of basing my self-worth and satisfaction on my productivity and achievements. Perfectly normal leisure activities like napping or reading a book or taking a walk feel too indulgent unless they are directly tied to a goal like learning something new or being well-rested for an event or getting from point A to point B.

I’m fully aware of the value of rest and leisure, at least theoretically. It’s a frequent topic in my workshops and writing. But when your default setting is GOALS, the logic and the practice can be quite different.

After learning the hard way more than once, I’m starting to remember that a constant state of busy-ness isn’t sustainable and that achievements are not the ultimate goal of a happy and healthy life.

So lately, my focus has been on the simple things that help me slow down and de-stress: meditation, listening to my body, listening to others, walking in the forest, hanging out with my pet, literally stopping to smell the roses that are in full bloom everywhere surrounding Pregame HQ in Portland, The Rose City.

This month, we explore the benefits of taking a break. In our productivity-addicted culture, how do we pause in work, relationships, and life in order to reflect, change direction, and grow?

You’ll be inspired by the work of Nick Onken, photographer and creative entrepreneur. My favorite thing about Nick is that he’s the real deal: not just another online lifestyle guru, but an incredibly talented and accomplished photographer who walks the talk, creates a lasting impact, and shares his success.

With that, I leave to take a luxurious four-day holiday weekend, email-free. We wish you a July full of opportunities to pause, relax, and reflect.

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