July 2019: Valuing Relationships


Last month, reveling in business nerdiness, I took a workshop on Lean methodology. Popularized by companies like Toyota and books like The Lean Startup, Lean is an approach that optimizes systems to eliminate waste and optimize potential.

Creating the conditions to help people reach their ultimate potential is what we’re all about at Pregame, so I’m continually learning new ways to improve the ways we do it. But rather than the lessons I expected from Lean, like streamlining the way we do things, what stuck with me most was the concept of ecosystems.

In American culture, we’re socialized to prioritize and celebrate the individual. Of course, our stories that idealize individual success are mostly myths; success rarely, if ever, results from one’s solo efforts.

Since the workshop, I’ve had heightened attention to our ecosystems, from our Pregame community to my (real-life) social networks to nature. The interconnection is obvious once I open my eyes to it; ripple effects are everywhere.

This month, we explore the value of relationships in our lives and the effects that they have on us. Our featured artist Lara Knutson shares work that explores the relationship of dimension, color, and light.

As you enjoy midsummer, I invite you to note the interconnectedness of everything, and to remember that even the simplest words, gestures, and efforts can have exponential effects.

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One thought on “July 2019: Valuing Relationships

  1. Great read. I’m a nerd, too, so i would love to know what comes next! “success rarely, if ever, results from one’s. “ individual actions, talents, solo efforts? Is there a ton more to the whole paragraph? don’t leave me hangin’!

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