July 2020: Awakening

never waste a good crisis

And then suddenly, everyone woke up.

Well, not everyone. And not fully awake. But no one can deny that the past month has seen a remarkable wave of increased awareness in America about the perpetual problem of racism, and how society cannot be healthy when we insist on viewing ourselves as individuals whose actions and worldview don’t affect anyone rather than part of a system where everything is connected.

To me, waking up is the¬†point. It’s the process. As in, THE process. The purpose of life. To be continually evolving, learning, growing, connecting.

It’s difficult because there is no finish line. We like things that have a discrete beginning and end. We like to feel a sense of accomplishment. We like to be free of the discomfort that is inherent in growth.

This month, we share experiences, perspectives, and resources that have led to increased awareness about the world, our communities, our work, and our place in all of it.

We invite you to explore and consider, and to share your own tools for waking up – continually.

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