June 2017: Our Journeys

Peter D. Gerakaris, Floating Garden

What do you do when you come to a fork in the road?

Do you bound down one road without hesitation?

Do you pause and weigh your options?

Do you ask for input from those who’ve traveled this road before?

Do you examine the map to determine the best possible route?

All of these reactions have their pros and cons, and you might notice that you tend toward one response. What if you intentionally chose the opposite?

My default setting is to overanalyze the options so I can be absolutely sure I am making the exact right decision. Yes, shocking, coming from the author of a book called Game Plan.

This serves me well in my work, where I support big-idea people by creating a strategic plan to actualize their vision. But life, not so much. I have to consciously remind myself to just decide when it comes to trivial things (which toothpaste is the most value per ounce?) and that sometimes I can even let my that emotional thing in my chest decide (should I adopt this pet bunny?). Sometimes there isn’t a right answer; just our best guess.

As we plan our summer travel (or overanalyze the potential plans, ahem), we reflect on our metaphorical journeys as well, from smooth sailing to speed bumps.

We wish you a season full of unexpected turns and chance encounters.

Strategy & Style,
Ciara Pressler

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