June 2018: Travel & Journeys

Rodney Ewing: The Hometeam, silkscreen and dry pigment on paper, 2016

By now we all know that productivity is a function of balance: factoring in periods of recovery in order to perform at our best.

I struggle with this. Being surrounded by extremely ambitious people and setting high standards for myself, I am prone to letting the drive for excellence crash land into rigid office hours, borderline burnout, or comparing myself to your Instagram life. It’s a losing battle.

Will the world really fall apart if we take a time out?

About three years into my first business, I tested the rest & recover theory by working from Mexico for a month. I know, it was rough, but someone had to do it. And you know what? I got more done. My work was more creative. My clients even told me I did better work. The point wasn’t that I have to flee to another country in order to perform at my best, but that factoring in relaxation, rest, and reward are absolutely indispensable.

Now, I don’t believe in four-hour workweeks or manifesting success simply by daydreaming about it versus taking action. I believe that results require work. But the most effective actions come from solid strategy grounded in wisdom from experience. And it’s difficult to tap that wisdom from a state of overwhelm.

And so, for the summer, I’m committing to retreat; to taking those summer Fridays, mind-clearing midday walks, and a real, offline vacation. I’m on a quest build strong businesses (and happy businesspeople), so I have to walk the talk.

Plus, that’s the point of Pregame: learning from a range of experts with a variety of experiences. No formulas, just best practices.

Whether it’s taking the trip, dedicating time to that creative project, delegating arduous tasks, or turning off social media for your summer weekends, be sure to give yourself a much-deserved break to relax, re-focus, and re-enter the game better than ever before.

Strategy & Style,

Artwork by Rodney Ewing

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