June 2019: Journeys

10. LadderVideoStill

Pregame is all about goals, but lately, we’ve been talk about souls.

The daily “workouts” at the Pregame Clubhouse focus on business: clarifying your goals, creating a game plan, staying accountable for your actions, and connecting with the people who will help move you forward.

But why are we doing it? What is the point of building a business?

For Pregame members, it’s about building an extraordinary and authentic life. In fact, that’s the primary goal. Business is but a platform to extend one’s larger mission and values to the place where we spend the majority of our time and attention. The bottom line is secondary.

Accordingly, our programming has expanded to create space to improve the journey, not just the goal.

What are our motivations? How can we find joy in the way things are now, before we’ve reached our goals? How can we improve our health, our relationships, our attitudes, our self-compassion while doing very difficult and consuming work?

Today we launch Best. Summer. Ever., a summer membership designed to help you explore these questions and much more.

It’s about entrepreneurship, but not about starting a business. It’s about the decision to be the CEO and Creator of your life.

You’re invited to join us as we support each other along this journey – the most important journey; the purpose of life.

Strategy and Style,

Artwork by Summer Mei Ling Lee, Ladder (video Still), 2008. Installation video. 

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