Just Keep Knocking

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The other day I was chatting with a client in the entertainment world who was dealing with an all too common problem.

His career wasn’t moving as quickly as he would like it to.

When I prodded a little bit about the folks he had reached out to who could help his career and the introductions he received, I found that he had connected in person with some really solid people or been introduced to some decision makers but hadn’t “heard” from them since the initial interaction.

So naturally, I asked if he had followed up with them and he said that he had…


After that, he said he felt like he was “bothering” them or being annoying and truth be told, this a completely natural feeling that all of us have when we don’t hear back from someone but it’s also an attitude that can keep us from our biggest opportunities.

As I was thinking about this I started to think of the mailman in my neighborhood.

He sometimes comes to the door when I am in the middle of chasing Juniper around the apartment to get her shoes on or when I’m in the other room and he knocks and knocks until I answer the door.

If he only knocked twice then decided to just leave ( like the Fedex guy often does) I’d have to go to the post office and waste half my day getting a package.

I’m GRATEFUL that he keeps knocking because I end up getting the package.

Back to this client.

I told him that most inboxes show 50 emails at one time.

If you’re 51 you may never be seen.

As long as you are polite and you continue to follow up, very few people will be mad and most people will thank you for staying on top of things.

These are people he either met and had a conversation with or who were introduced to him and he was letting those relationships go so quickly it was no wonder things weren’t moving forward.

Over to you.

Have you given up on someone responding after two follow-ups?

After one?

Maybe today’s the day to knock again.

You never know what might be behind that door.


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