The Lonely Ballad of The Someday Guy

someday guy

The other day I was having coffee with someone who is in the field of video production and he brought up an interesting question.

He asked:

“What do you do when you’re meeting people and they keep telling you that they don’t need your service right now, but to send your information because they could use it someday?”

He explained how this dynamic was causing his business to have a lot of hills and valleys. He’d have a big project and then nothing for a while and then a medium project or no project for months and the inconsistency was starting to get to him.

And I have heard some variation on this story from people who have a service that is seen as a one-off event and the answer is the same for each of them.

So I told him that he had to change his audience’s perception of him as the “someday guy” to the guy that they see on a regular basis.

Now there are some Nexperts out there who suggest that this is about being “top of mind” by sending “relevant articles” etc. but as time has progressed, I’m sorry to say that ship hath sailed.

You don’t want to be just top of mind anymore…

You want to be on someone’s mind. 

So how do you do that?

You show up in a way that makes them think about you on a consistent basis with YOUR OWN content.

I suggested to the someday guy that while he was waiting for his next gig, he could use some of that time to start his own interview series that he could post on the socials.

He could get to know his market even better and at the same time, it would show his network that he was more than just someone to keep in mind when an opportunity came up.

He was someone to pay attention to.

To look for and ask “What’s he going to produce next?”

Over to you.

If you have a someday service, what can you create while you wait?

You could spend 20 minutes looking for and sending a “relevant article”

Or you could spend that same 20 minutes banging out a cool video or an interview that you can share with your network.

Because the best way to get out of being a someday person..

Is to do something that will put you on someone’s mind TODAY.


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