#LOVEWINS: Photographer Gia Goodrich Shares Her Bold New Project


LOVE WINS: Faces of Marriage Equality is a powerful archive of LGBTQ love stories. Conceived by photographer Gia Goodrich, the evolving project makes these loving relationships visible, normal, and accepted.

Yes, we’ve come a long way, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of us in the LGBTQ community have felt isolated, shamed and questioned whether or not we’re lovable.There are still people all over the United States and the world, who don’t understand, don’t value, and don’t support our relationships. Prejudice is very real, and there are still places in the US where couples can be shunned or attacked just for holding hands. And we have to do everything in our power to change that forever.

By making our relationships visible and documenting couples all over the country telling their stories, it’s possible to change people, and their prejudice. By really seeing who these couples are, people can change, learning to accept and love them. We can change cultural attitudes by being seen over and over again in a positive light, helping others to understand that we’re not some strange “other,” that we’re their brothers, sisters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, teachers, and neighbors, and we’re awesome!

And, more importantly, think about the impact we can have on LGBTQ youth. Think about the transformational power of showing them over and over that they’re ok; never learning to hate themselves for who they are and who they love.

– Gia Goodrich

Learn more about Love Wins at www.lovewinsportraits.com.


love_wins_portraits_by_gia_goodrich_lgbt_marriage_noh8_daniel_and_jared love_wins_portraits_by_gia_goodrich_lgbt_marriage_noh8_helen_and_maddox love_wins_portraits_by_gia_goodrich_lgbt_marriage_noh8_maria_elizabeth love_wins_portraits_by_gia_goodrich_lgbt_marriage_noh8_wyatt_and_raina

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