March 2017: Elevating Wellness


Conventional common sense says that the gym in packed in January, but in my experience, it’s March when you have to fight for a space on the spin bikes.

Same goes for business: my client calendar has consistently ramped up in March, when people realize their Q2 goals are going to require an investment in strategic direction and focused promotion.

March is when we start to slowly come out of hibernation; it’s an excruciatingly long month when the weather’s not quite spring, it’s time to tackle taxes, Lent leads to deliberate deprivation, and the end of Q1 shows us exactly where we are in our business. All of this regrouping makes it an ideal time to check in with our goals, from our approach to our advisory team.

When it comes to your health and wellness, who has your back? Not just your doctor, but your professional mentors, spiritual teachers, and the friends who love you unconditionally?

At Pregame, we define wellness broadly: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional, and relational. Not just for ourselves, but with others, from our family to our community.

We strive for connection, collaboration, and challenging ourselves to improve. We’re mindful of balance; making sure that our drive to grow is tempered with awareness around appreciating the current moment and knowing when to take a break.

Wellness is an ongoing pursuit; a collection of habits rather than a finish line. It may be frustrating, but taking a long-term, evolving approach to wellness will serve you in the long run.

Strategy and Style,

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